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Martin Guitar Can Be So Famous!


Development Path

The founder of Martin, Christian Fredrick Martin, was born on the banks of the East River in Germany in 1796. Father is a carpenter. At that time, the guitar had not been recognized by people. His father offended the local piano manufacturer because of selling homemade handicrafts. (Maybe the piano manufacturer had formed an artist class at the time, and Martin, a carpenter, was only a civilian.) In 1807, his father was ordered to suspend business.

For a century and a half, Martin Guitars has been recognized as one of the best musical instrument manufacturers in the world, and with guitars costing over $10,000 a piece, it’s one of the best things you can buy. Martin Guitar Company is a family business extended for six generations, and the current CEO is Chris. Chris not only inherited the excellent craftsmanship of Martin guitars but also visited the company’s dealers worldwide and held training seminars for them. Few companies have such a lasting reputation as Martin Guitar Company.

Since its inception, Martin Guitar Company has emphasized quality in everything they do. Even though great changes have occurred over the years in product design, manufacturing methods, and distribution systems, the company has always maintained its commitment to quality.

 The company’s steadfastness in adhering to quality music standards and meeting customer needs permeates every corner of the company.

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Because natural woods are required to make guitars, the company uses these traditional natural materials with great care and responsibility and encourages introducing renewable, alternative wood species.

Based on thorough customer research, Martin has brought to the high-end market guitars made of natural wood with a surface defect that is almost unacceptable in the opinion of other manufacturers.

The Martin Company organically blends old and new traditions. Although the equipment and tools are updated yearly, the staff always adhere to the high standards of quality music principles. A member of the Martin family once explained: “It’s not a secret how to make a guitar with such a wonderful sound.

It requires care and patience. Care means careful selection of materials, clever arrangement of parts, and attention to making each player Feel comfortable with the details.

 The so-called patience means to do anything without being afraid to spend time. A good quality guitar cannot be made at the price of a poor quality product, but who will regret buying a good quality guitar that is expensive? ?” Although 100 years have passed, these words are still an accurate description of the company’s philosophy.

While the company is deeply rooted in the fine traditions of the past, Chris does not hesitate to push the company in new directions. For example, in the late 1990s, he started selling guitars for less than $800 apiece at the lower end of the market. The low-end market accounts for 65% of sales in the entire guitar industry.

Martin Guitar
Martin Guitar

 The company’s Model DXM guitar was introduced to the market in 1998 and is considered by customers to sound better than most other guitars at the same price. Chris explained, “If Martin were just worshipping its past and not trying anything new, there wouldn’t be a Martin to admire.” While Martin Guitar constantly pushes its tentacles in new directions, But never lets go of its commitment to making top-notch products to the best of its ability. Under Chris’ management, that commitment will never waver.

Model settings

The process is from the five models that appeared in 1898 from 17, 20, and 23 in 1856 (17, 18,
21, 28, 40). In 1890, the bridge improved into a rectangular shape with mahogany and ivory. In 1904 after entering the 20th century, the successful trial system can be said to be a perfect design 45. In 1904, 0-45,00-45 was officially launched to the outside world. In 1920, the material of the neck was changed from fir to mahogany. To increase the intensity, it was also mixed with appropriate ebony. For 34 years, I tried to add T -shaped iron (cross section is T -shaped).

The world is in the panic of war, and Martin still insists on research on steel strings in a difficult environment. Due to the strong tension of the steel strings, the bridge was improved, and based on the rectangular shape, the central region widened.

At this time, the spray paint was finalized. In the same year, at the request of Banzhuo Performance Belli Vico, he produced the first 14-grade Geefra. To suit the habit of Ban Zhuo’s performers, the piano head is designed by Banzhuo, and there are two more products than the average Geef. In the same year, it was redesigned to the 000 types, and in 33 years, it was made into the OM (Orchestral Model) type 14. The original 000 -type neck length is 632.5mm, while the modified OM type is 645.2mm. Because the number of production at that time was small, OM has become a treasured version.

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