Martin D45
Custom Solid martin D45 Lefty acoustic electric guitar
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Custom Solid martin D45 Lefty acoustic electric guitar



Amartin website specializes in manufacturing Martin guitars and customizing Martin guitars. This Martin D45 guitar is the most special one sold in the Chinese Martin guitar. This guitar is made of solid wood, the face is made of the top grade solid spruce wood, and the back and side are made of the top grade Indian rosewood of solid Martin. Among Martin guitars, the 45 series guitars have always been the oldest and most unique existence. Its unique sound and elegant appearance make it the most special existence among Martin guitars.

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BRACING PATTERN: Forward-Shifted X-Brace SCALE LENGTH: 25.4"
TOP MATERIAL: Sitka Spruce NECK SHAPE: Modified Low Oval
BACK MATERIAL: East Indian Rosewood NECK TAPER: High-Performance Taper
SIDE MATERIAL: East Indian Rosewood ELECTRONICS: Optional

Product Display

Martin guitar wood:

Although you may first be attracted by the elegant appearance of the Martin D45 For Sale, you will soon find that the core of this guitar lies in its richer sound. The back and sides of the D-45 are built by solid Indian roses. The rose combines the solid Sitka Sprure Top, which can provide a huge bottom end and provide unparalleled sound effects. You will also like high-quality black ebony fingers and bridges of Martin D45 For Sale.

Excellent neck:

Martin's improved low-oval peach blossom heartwood neck has a high taper and provides new performance levels in the latest Martin Guitar For Sale. Technical players will enjoy higher speed and accuracy, and elastic bombs will enjoy greater comfort with the rolling at night

Martin D45 For Sale History

The "Martin avoided too much "glittering" to make guitars in the survival of the first century, thinking that it would damage the tone and dignity of the instrument. However, the company followed when the Gene Autira was customized; the most strange acoustic Martin might be summoned in 1933. Therefore, the first Martin D45 for sale was born. This beautiful and fearless type still has the top of abalone pearls, sides, and back inlaid, and its fingers have a unique hexagonal style of 45 positions 45 positions.
Martin D45

Martin Brand Profile

Founded in the United States in 1833, a global acoustic musical instrument manufacturer. Musicians from all over the world love its guitar and strings. They specialize in the production of high-quality popular wooden guitar strings. C.F Martin & Co. Martin has more than 175 years of experience making instruments. It has continuously innovated and introduced technology and functions which have become industry standards.

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Tips For Using Guitar
Daily cleaning
Daily Cleaning
Wipe the stains on the surface with a soft dry cloth to keep the body tidy. After each performance, put it in a piano or piano box to avoid unnecessary scratching or bumps.
Maintenance of strings
Maintenance Of Strings
Before playing the piano, you should wipe the strings with a soft dry cloth. According to international practice, the string cycle is 1 month. Please replace the strings regularly to keep the guitar best.
Neck maintenance
Neck Maintenance
When you do n’t play for more than a month, you need to relax the strings for 1-2 times. If it is not used for more than two months, it may cause some details of the guitar to be irreversible.
Store temperature
Store Temperature
High temperature in summer will cause damage to the guitar. You should avoid direct photos of the guitar sun. Do not put your guitar on the balcony or the trunk of the car. Do not approach the heating in winter.

【Other Precautions】

*The panel and back of the guitar are thin plates with a thickness of only 2-3 mm. Try to avoid collision.

*Allowing guitar away from those who lack experience in guitar care, otherwise they will often cause serious damage to the guitar.

*When you do n’t use the guitar, put the guitar back to the piano box and deduct it to avoid the guitar fall off the box when the box is lifted.

*Even if you do not play frequently, you often take out the guitar to ventilate.


Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 120 × 30 × 45 cm


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